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Clients Buy Because of Your Products…& People
So, let’s introduce them to your people. Your employees have friends, family & hobbies. They have favorite music, movies & teams. They are proud of their hometown & alma mater. They have favorite restaurants, hotels, destinations & local businesses. And, all of these are editorial opportunities on our network.

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Local Favs
Your employees are experts on their hometowns & favorite travel destinations. So, let them write about their favorite restaurants, hotels, attractions & local businesses. This will give you coverage on any of our local publications.

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Sports & Hobbies

Your employees are experts on their favorite sports, hobbies, music, movies & other interests. So, get coverage outside of your industry by having them write about those interests on our other industry publications.

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Education & Careers

Employees love their alma maters. They have stories of success. Let them support their school on our education & local sites. Let them build your employer brand by telling their stories & giving advice on our career sites.

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