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Editorial Philosophy

Giving the exact readers you want the exact information they want!

What if there was…

…a network of publications that provided beautiful, professional and positive coverage of the absolute best in each and every target market? And, what if that network offered the latest technology for the highest quality images, mobile responsiveness and interaction with your target markets?  And, what if that network welcomed the PR Firms and PR Departments of those top companies and made it easy to get this coverage?

“What if” just became “What are you waiting for?”

Beautiful Coverage

Your Brand Deserves the Absolute Highest Quality Coverage!

The Quality of Your Brand

We only cover the absolute best in every industry, lifestyle and geographical area. So your brand is positioned with brands built by companies who are as meticulous as you are! So we showcase those brands with the highest quality photography, video and design. And we use the latest technology offering high resolution and mobile responsiveness so your products look incredible on any size screen.

Engage with Clients

Looks like a Magazine. Acts like a Trade Show!

Relationship Editorial

The best way to build sales is to build relationships. And the best way to build a brand is awesome editorial. What if you put them together? Now you have 365 days of brand building and client interaction to support your branding campaigns, sales force and trade show investments.  We accomplish this by utilizing our editorial opportunities to encourage interaction between brands and their clients. For instance, brands nominate their top clients for our MVP lists providing them incredible coverage in their local area. And, your clients showcase how they have actually used your product and why they love your brands. How it works!

Trade Publications

We have publications in every major industry.

For the Trade

Connect personally and interact with your clients and potential clients year-round online and on mobile with our online trade networks. Showcase your company & brands in one of our professional online showrooms with large format photography, video and the latest design features.  Include product profiles, press releases, reviews, executive interviews & employment information. Connect personally and network with your clients by including them in your coverage and nominating them for one of our lists where they compete to show why they are one of the best. We have publications in every industry.  See our Trade List


Publications in every major metropolitan area.

Target Locally

Interact with your local target market with company & brand showrooms with press releases, reviews, executive interviews & recruiting. Connect personally with the local community by having your executives give their favorite recommendations for the area including hotels, restaurants, recreation, real estate, services or anything else. We have publications in every major metropolitan area.  See our Location List

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